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Ukraine urges to act decisively against Russia-backed terrorists | 24 January, 18:59

On January 24, 2015 another heinous crime against humanity committed by Russia-backed terrorists on the East Ukrainian port city of  Mariupol caused at least 27 civilian casualties, including two children, and 97 people have been wounded.

Address of the President of Ukraine | 15 January, 13:13

Fellow Ukrainians!

Today's terrible tragedy near Volnovakha belongs to the events that stand out due to their cruelty even under strict standards of modern times. These events give the creeps.

January 15 is the Day of Mourning for the people murdered by terrorists | 15 January, 12:32

It was stated by President Petro Poroshenko in the course of the working meeting with RSA heads. "I have made a decision to proclaim January 15 the Day of Mourning for the people murdered by terrorists. First of all, for the civilians killed at the checkpoint near Volnovakha," the Head of State has noted.

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